Technical Guidance
Planning to use electric two-wheel vehicles in your operations or projects?

Our E-Max team can provide technical guidance to you and your organisation to structure tailored business solutions for your operations to maximise the value of your business while at the same time reduce emissions and preserve the environment.

Our E-Max team have many years of experience in the delivery and ride-sharing operations and we work closely with our partners to realise their business goals and grab the growing business opportunities in the electric vehicle markets.

E-Max's Financing Program and Flexible Payment Plan

E-Max's Financing and Flexible Payment Plan offer flexible financing packages to business customers to fast track the growth of their businesses. E-Max philosophy in providing financing services to business customers is to achieve win-win outcome for all parties in each transaction.

When approved, the affordable financing program allows E-Max business customers to acquire electric vehicle products immediately on flexible payment terms, assisting with cash flow management.

Speak to us today about structuring tailored financing solutions for your business.

E-Max's Investment Program

E-Max's Investment Program is designed to find suitable business partners to jointly invest in the B2B electric two-wheel vehicle markets and to combine our capabilities, funding and local market knowledge to provide business solutions to the delivery or ride-sharing markets and to grow together.